Are you selling exotic food products? Shrimp, sea fish, fruit? Or do you export food products, chilled or frozen meat or perishable foods?

This means that you order products from foreign suppliers or buy them from a local wholesaler. Despite the high cost, of air transportation of perishable products is profitable and necessary for your business.

V Freight company carries out the transportation of perishable goods, including food (chilled meat, honey, cherries, dried fruits, dried mushrooms, etc.) from Kyrgyzstan.

Air freight of food products with our company guarantees the fulfillment of all transportation requirements for such goods: safety, storage under required temperature, delivery speed.

Benefits of air freight of food (perishable goods):

  • Transportation by air is the fastest way to deliver goods anywhere in the world.
  • Almost any volume is acceptable for carriage.
  • What services you get in cooperation with V Freight?

What services you get in cooperation with V Freight?

  • Free Consultation by experts in logistics at every stage.
  • Information throughout the process of transportation.
  • Assistance in the preparation of accompanying documentation.
  • Services of loading and unloading of cargo.

Air freight of food products with V Freight professionals will allow you to deliver and receive goods on time while maintaining the freshness and quality of the products!