Additional services

Additional services provided by V Freight

Our main task is to save your time, resources and ensure the efficiency of the logistics process. Apart from the main activities in the field of international transportation and customs clearance, V Freight provides the following additional services:

  • Consultation,
  • Preparation of documents,
  • Packaging,
  • Pick-up, delivery and storage of cargo,
  • Loading and unloading

We will guide you on all issues and provide complete information upon your request.

For your convenience, our company also provides local services for packing, pick up/delivery and storage.

We will help you find the necessary packaging material in order to ensure the integrity and safety of your cargo.

If you need time to obtain the necessary documentation, and you do not know where to store your cargo, we will gladly provide temporary storage services at our warehouse.

Our advantages


Direct consultations with specialists who have passed customs certification and training.


Knowledge of the Customs Code of the EES, Tax Code of the Kyrgyz Republic, Technical Regulations of the EES, Customs legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, Decisions of the ECE Board.

Convenient clearance

Customs clearance, regardless of work schedule until the full release of the customs declaration.

Special cargo

Freight and clearance of non-standard (special) types of cargo such as: live animals, valuable goods, dangerous goods, humanitarian aid, etc.

Successful experience

Successful work experience of specialists and well-established work with customs.


Individual approach to each client.

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