International freight forwarding

What kind of freight service do you need? In-depth analysis of all transportation means:

Such global carriers in our region, as the Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Jazeera Airways, Aeroflot, Air Astana and Uzbekistan Airways, the agents of which we are, will deliver your goods to the desired destination in a matter of days.

What are the advantages of sending by plane (air freight)?

  • The shortest transit time
  • The safest type of cargo transportation
  • Ability to pre-book cargo capacity on commercial flights
  • ONLINE Cargo tracking
  • Pre-booking of freight containers on commercial flights is possible

Below we offer you a list of types of cargo for air transportation that we provide confidently:

  • GENERAL CARGO (GEN).Goods that do not require special attention during transportation (IATA Cargo Introductory certified).
  • OVERSIZED/ HEAVY CARGO (HEA). Cargo flights can accommodate loads of various sizes and weight if properly prepared. (IATA Cargo Introductory certified).
  • LIVE ANIMALS (AVI)DANGEROUS GOODS(DGR). Cargoes that, in certain situations, may harm people or the environment. (IATA DGR Category 1, 2, 3 and 6 certified). Animals / pets that need to be delivered in special conditions to the destination safe and sound (IATA LAR certification available).
  • PERISHABLE GOODS(PER). Shipments which have to be delivered at the shortest period of time under certain temperature regimes (IATA Cargo Introductory certified).
  • VALUABLE GOODS (VAL) (or other special shipments DIP, HUM, etc.) Cargoes that require special handling during transportation.

Trucking is the most a popular type of transportation for the delivery of cargo to or from our region across the Eurasian continent.

The advantages of this type of transportation.

  • The ability to send consolidated cargo, and as well as to order a full truck.
  • Delivery of cargo to remote cities, which is important in the organization of stable supply chain.
  • Variety of trucks which allows loading goods of various configurations and complexity.
  • A well-established operating system improves the quality of transportation, which significantly speeds up the delivery.
  • Daily notification of the transportation.
  • Fewer restrictions on transportation than other means of transport. This allows you to transport General, Dangerous, Live, Perishable, Heavy, Oversized, Valuable and many other.

This option – is the best logistic solution for the delivery of the same cargo by several modes of transport, depending on the geographical location of the destination. Alternative routes of cargo transportations allow your company to easily enter the world market.


  • The ability to send both large and small
  • Logistical connection outside of the continent
  • Optimal freight cost, given the inaccessibility of the destination
  • Acceptance of most types of cargo
  • All transit nuances are undertaken by the carrier
  • Container loading is mainly carried out, which is a great guarantee of cargo safety
  • When shipping by sea, an ONLINE tracking of the cargo is carried out. In other cases – daily notification about the location of the cargo is provided by e-mail.

Logistics is one of the most important processes in the formation and successful operation of organizations on international level. The main solution for all logistics issues is the competent organization of cargo transportation with the most optimal conditions.

The comprehensive capabilities of our company allow us to develop and implement the most complex transportation schemes for any type of cargo.

Our advantages


Direct consultations with specialists who have passed customs certification and training.


Knowledge of the Customs Code of the EES, Tax Code of the Kyrgyz Republic, Technical Regulations of the EES, Customs legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, Decisions of the ECE Board.

Convenient clearance

Customs clearance, regardless of work schedule until the full release of the customs declaration.

Special cargo

Freight and clearance of non-standard (special) types of cargo such as: live animals, valuable goods, dangerous goods, humanitarian aid, etc.

Successful experience

Successful work experience of specialists and well-established work with customs.


Individual approach to each client.

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