Air freight

Air transportation is the best option for fast delivery of goods over long distances.

We cooperate with such global carriers as Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Jazeera Airways, Aeroflot, Air Astana, Air Manas and Uzbekistan Airways. We will deliver your cargo safely in a few days to any place in the world!

Cargo delivery by air –

We transport all types of products, goods, items that have no restrictions or prohibitions on air cargo transportation, in accordance with the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic. The list of delivered goods includes: industrial, plumbing, household equipment, electronics, etc.

What are the benefits of sending by air?

  • Shortest transit time
  • The safest type of cargo transportation
  • Minimal risk of flight delays / rescheduling
  • Tracking the movement of cargo ONLINE
  • It is possible to pre-book cargo capacity on commercial flights

We offer you a list of all types of cargo for air transportation, sold by our company:

  • General cargo. GEN
    Cargoes that do not require special attention during transportation (IATA Cargo Introductory certified).
  • Heavy Cargo
    This type of cargo can be accepted by cargo flights if it is properly prepared – by size and weight category (IATA Cargo Introductory certification is available).
  • Dangerous cargo. DGR
    Cargoes that, in certain situations, may harm people or the environment (IATA DGR Category 1, 2, 3 and 6 certified)
  • Livestock – Animals. AVI
    Animals / pets that need to be delivered in special conditions to the destination safe and sound (IATA LAR certification available)
  • Perishable goods. PER
    Cargoes to be delivered as soon as possible, subject to a certain temperature regime (IATA Cargo Introductory certified)
  • Valuable cargo. VAL. (And other special shipments DIP, HUM, etc.) Cargoes requiring special attention during transportation

Special conditions

  • Dangerous and perishable goods, as well as goods containing liquids, accumulators, pressurized cylinders, goods with traces and smell of fuel and lubricants are not accepted for air

Additional services

  • Registration of a cargo insurance contract through a partner insurance
  • Packaging, including items which is required to be packaged according to the terms of the company (Calculation of the cost of rigid packaging is carried out by gross dimensions).
  • Providing information about the status of the cargo and its location online via the Personal Clients

Individual conditions of air cargo transportation in Russia can be agreed upon by sending a request to e-mail:

The procedure for transferring cargo to the warehouse

  • Bring to the terminal
  • Order delivery

Payment methods and prices for air transportation in Bishkek

You can pay for air transportation in cash / non-cash methods payment or through terminal.

The cost of air transportation of goods depends on parameters and characteristics of your cargo: volumes, flight range, the need for paperwork and more. For calculation the cost of transporting your cargo, please write on WhatsApp. We will consult you and we will provide you full information!